Our in-person and online certifications provide flexibility and growth opportunities.

Note: All potential instructors must do their Level 1 "Original" training in-person with a licensed and approved Master Trainer.

Get Certified live

In America, trainings are regularly held in the NYC/NJ-area, a convenient hub for both domestic and international travel. Although these trainings are primarily for the Level 1 "Original" format, other Level 2 formats as well as BAX and deepWORK are also offered.

Get certified online

We know how difficult scheduling can be, which is why we've created an amazing resource to allow you to expand your knowledge and skills on your own time. Level 2 formats, as well as BAX™ and deepWORK™, may be trained via bodyART Media.

host a certification

If you have a large group of participants and access to a facility that could host a training, sometimes it makes more sense for one of our Master Trainers to travel to you.