bodyART® is a way of life that offers continuous growth, opportunity and friendship.



Ideally, one should have an average to above average fitness level as well as a working knowledge of anatomy, and a movement background in dance, Pilates, yoga, martial arts or fitness. Once licensed, bodyART instructors are independent and able to pursue bodyART teaching opportunities of their interest, while receiving support and privilege from bodyART Americas.


What is a bodyART® Original training like?

bodyART® Level 1 "Original" education is the basis for all training, and is where you learn philosophy, exercises and sequences. The training is taught over two weekends, with a two-week study and practice period in between. At the end of the second weekend, participants take a written and practical exam. Upon passing, they receive an "International bodyART® Instructor" diploma, which is valid for two years, after which a refresher module must be taken to renew.

Note: bodyART® Level 1 does not include deepWORK® and BAX®.



After passing the bodyART® Original Level 1 education exam, instructors may expand their knowledge through a variety of Level 2 formats. The Level 2 formats include Stretch, Flow, Dynamic, Pure, Contact and Myofascial. Instructors doing one-on-one training may also find value in the BAX® certification, while those interested in HIIT formats will often explore deepWORK®.  These trainings can be completed live or online through bodyART® media.



deepWORK® and BAX® Certifications consist of both LIVE and ONLINE certifications, the latter with materials and video that can be downloaded directly from bodyART media. Both live and online certifications take place over the course of two days and there is no exam required.

Our in-person and online certifications provide flexibility and growth opportunities.

Note: All potential instructors must do their Level 1 "Original" training in-person with a licensed and approved Master Trainer.

Get Certified live

In America, trainings are regularly held in the NYC/NJ-area, a convenient hub for both domestic and international travel. Although these trainings are primarily for the Level 1 "Original" format, other Level 2 formats as well as BAX and deepWORK are also offered.

Get certified online

We know how difficult scheduling can be, which is why we've created an amazing resource to allow you to expand your knowledge and skills on your own time. Level 2 formats, as well as BAX™ and deepWORK™, may be trained via bodyART Media.

host a certification

If you have a large group of participants and access to a facility that could host a training, sometimes it makes more sense for one of our Master Trainers to travel to you. 

We are a vibrant team of passionate educator athletes, ready to help you grow.

Register yourself on the bodyart international community (B.i.c.)

All bodyART® Americas instructors are required to register themselves through the B.I.C. This special database allows you to easily find fellow instructors locally and when you travel, allows the bodyART® team to connect studios seeking instructors with qualified faculty and many more amazing things!

Please register your studio(s) that you teach regular bodyART® classes at!


All bodyART® Americas instructors are required to register any studio that they teach a bodyART® affiliated class at regularly.

This allows our team to track the bodyART® footprint, to promote and connect students to you and work with you studio to grow their bodyART® presence. Please fill out the below form for each studio/gym that you teach regular bodyART® classes at!

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To my bodyART family,

I am writing you today with very exciting and encouraging news in our world. As many of you know, I created a concept of movement over 20 years ago, which ultimately became known as bodyART by Robert Steinbacher. I have dedicated most of my days and nights to developing its ultimate message and after almost 2 decades, my global vision is now coming to fruition. bodyART, deepWORK and BAX have been making great strides in many parts of the world. For the past 6 years, my friend and business partner Julia Przybilka, who is the international leader of bodyART and myself have been promoting bodyART in the USA while travelling and teaching globally to represent the growing brand. We have worked endlessly together to create new workshops and content together with my team for our global community. We feel it is now time to give you, our bodyART-family in the Americas professional guidance to help you gain additional bodyART training support throughout your country.
With this said, bodyART, deepWORK and BAX in the Americas will now lie under the ‘bodyART AMERICAS’ umbrella known as bodyART AMERICA. This, all in an effort to become the most powerful and fitness forward modality at market. I, along with my co-partner Julia Przybilka are announcing a partnership with Danielle Buccellato and the U.S development team to grow bodyART with LIVE education, certifications and trainings in North and South America. This partnership will allow for new growth within the bodyART community and enable the bodyART practice to continue its natural order, which is to teach the human at heart how to effectively move, breath and live with freedom in all that they do. will be the NEW American bodyART platform for everything bodyART education related in all of the Americas. Beyond this, will provide the online pre and post education material for both instructor and consumer needs. We encourage you all to follow the bodyART way of life, whether it be as a bodyART, BAX or deepWORK instructor at the front lines or a student looking to live and learn through the authentic bodyART message – creating holistic health through balanced motion systems. Our mission statement states a strong and powerful message that always ends with a promise. The promise is to maintain the integrity of the concepts by Robert Steibacher while expanding it to new heights on a greater scale. I thank you for your support and I thank you for your genuine energy that I so openly feel and breathe. My bodyART friends- together, we can make a global fitness revolution and stride our way to more vibrant health and long lasting longevity. Together, we can all begin to live life to the fullest by sharing our practice and deep knowledge. It takes one person with an idea and a union to help it flourish. You ARE and have ALWAYS been my encouragement and for this, I am forever thankful. My vow to you is to continue spreading the positive message that helps to create genuine community through an accomplished fitness concept around the globe. My vision that has come to fruition, bodyART by Robert Steinbacher.

With love,
Robert Steinbacher

We've got everything you need to keep your growth with bodyART® a lifelong, rewarding experience.



It is now possible to further your bodyART® education on the go! The bodyART® Media site provides certifications for instructors to purchase and complete online, allowing you to bring fresh, cutting-edge, innovative exercises to your clients.


Become involved with the bodyART® community on Facebook and stay up-to-date on news, events, trainings and the happenings of bodyART® teachers all over the globe!


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We've got the B.I.C., also known as the bodyART® International Community, which has everything that you need to stay on top of your game, from professional marketing materials to networking with fellow instructors to finding jobs teaching bodyART®. You can also share all the amazing classes and work that you're doing!