Put bodyART® on your schedule!

bodyART® can be a valuable addition to a balanced studio or gym programming. To allow your program to grow, any fitness facility may offer up to 3 (three) bodyART® or bodyART® related classes per week for one year without financial obligation, as part of our Non Affiliate partnership. Once your demand surpasses 3 classes per week, you must join our team as a Hub Affiliate Center, which also gets you the benefits of our marketing support, territory guarentee and online resources.

Want to educate your team about bodyART? 

Need bodyART instructors?

Send your employees to a certification, host a certification or contact us to find certified instructors in your area.

Have bodyART® on your schedule? 

you must become a registered bodyART® Non Affiliate (BANA)

A bodyART® Non Affiliate is any place of legal business not deemed a franchise, corporation or chain studio/gym that is offering up to 3 (three) bodyART®, deepWORK®, BAX® or bodyART® affiliate classes per week. For the first year of your affiliation, there are no fees, to help your program grow. The Non Affiliate does not gain any Hub Affiliate benefits, like marketing material templates, media sizzle clips, social media support, and studio finder support or territory exclusivity.


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Become a leader on the bodyART® team as we revolutionize fitness in North and South America!

Any facility offering a minimum of 1 (one) class a week can become a bodyART Hub Affiliate (BAHA) and get exclusive access to marketing support and online resources, are granted territories to maintain your market position, can host certifications and so much more! Facilities offering more than 3 (three) classes a week are required to register as a BAHA. With our expansion, bodyART® Americas will be generating a huge amount of press with the specific goal of supporting our Affiliate Centers; this exciting brand will grab the attention of new and existing clients alike. Get ahead of the curve! 


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Bring bodyART® to your area!

Host a certification with one of our Master Educators and get two (2) complimentary certifications for staff members of your choosing.


  • Room available for four (4) full days for a Level 1 Certification and two (2) full days for a Level 2 Certification
  • Room capacity minimum of ten (10) participants on yoga mats
  • Bathroom facilities on-site
  • Transportation accessible
  • Stereo system with iPod capabilities
  • Minimum of eight (8) paying registrants


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